About Flower Of Rhode

In this limited inked edition, you will be treated with bare linework, all hand painted with brush and ink, exposing the wonderful paper grain and brush stroke textures.
Discover a new world and follow in the footsteps of two faun girls in this dark and mysterious fantasy tale. Venture into forbidden territories and explore a realm full of danger and beauty.

Creator’s Statement

By Mark Sheard

Everyone makes choices in their lives: day to day banal selections and once in a lifetime monumental decisions. The choices we make sculpt our lives. Some choices are made for us, and others are ingrained. Some we deliberate on endlessly while others are thrown to the wind. Some we know are wrong, while others we pride ourselves on.

It’s the sum of these outcomes that culminate within our personalities and give us character. Good or bad, right or wrong. Some of our biggest mistakes can present in our most defining qualities. Learning from our mistakes is how you learn, right? Well, that’s what they say. Sometimes though, just being able to accept the errs, as part of the whole, is liberating.
Paraphrasing the great poet Leonard Cohen:
“It’s the cracks that let the light in.”

When it comes to traditional art, those cracks show the personality. It’s the nature of the hand-crafted medium to allow the minute and grand choices, all the tangible imperfections, to shine through.
This is why simple, rough sketches are so beautiful, and have more character than their cleaned up counterparts. The rhythm of the drawing can get lost in translation.
Inking by hand allows me to retain that rhythm when cleaning up. It gives me the freedom to express with each stroke, experiment with the textures laid down by the ink, and experience the refreshing art of inking in its most pure form.

Inking takes intense focus and measured breathing to lay down the stokes in the correct manner. So much pressure to not err whist delicately painting. Taking the time to load your brush with ink and never drop any by mistake always keeps the heart raised. It’s a wonderful feeling: both relaxing and stressful at the same time. A joy to behold.